Sunday, July 15, 2012

Swaps, Swaps, & More Swaps

I love, love, love swaps, the good ones that is; every so often there is the "one bad apple" that really does spoil the whole bunch, girl--LOL!  Bad Apples show themselves two ways.  The first bad apple jumps in with both feet, quick to add her likes and dislikes, and then just when you think you are getting to know her, she disappears.  We call these gals "flakers".  You've spent hours or days even creating the special items you are sure she will be delighted with.  You've shopped or found the "perfect items" she wanted--the envy of all her fellow shoppers.  And now what?

Your "hostess" is left in a "lurch"!  She either has to "angel" the flaker's spot, or adjust the recipients to exclude them.  Neither way is very fair, puts undo stress on the hostess, and leaves everyone with a bad taste in their mouth.

The other type of bad apple makes a mockery of your hard work.  Their goal is to get done using the least amount of effort possible.  One participant asked "just how long should a card take to make anyway?!"  This comment shocked me to say the least, as I know it did some of my fellow swappers.  One card can sometimes take all day or hours upon hours until it is "just right".  This is ART, people, not a quick sprint to the finish line.  You can only imagine the kind of shoddy workmanship you receive from the "sprinters"!

So, moral to the story, don't waste your time and effort unless you can be fairly sure of the outcome and the participants.  And more importantly, don't sign up if you aren't giving 110% effort.  Many of us ladies are like "elephants", we never forget and maintain that "flakers" list!
These are two items I made for a recent swap hosted by Martica, the true hostess with the "most est"!  And by no means am I trying to say my items are better than someone else' items......just sayin, hours of love and creativity go into everything that comes out of "Smart Art" creations!  In closing, I have a great quote from my favorite inspirational author, Maya Angelou, "You can't use up Creativity, the more you use, the more you have." 


  1. Well said Susie! Your card and door hangers are just gorgeous! Love your blog header! Looking forward to visiting here often! hugs, maggie

  2. I couldn't agree more!! So happy I don't like apples of any kind let alone the ones you mentioned lol I must say that this door hanger and wall hanging are simply GORGEOUS in person! I know because I was the proud recipient of both. They were the perfect items for me and I do so appreciate all the time that went into them. I have them hanging on the door and wall in my scrappy den. Thank you sweetness for your treasures but even more...thank you for your friendship. Big Ole' Hug to you! Bon

  3. First I would like to say thank you Susie for the lovely compliment, I am blushing here...hehehe
    And regarding the two bad apples I agree with everything you said.... They ruin it for everyone else. Your creations are beautiful....tfs

  4. So true, I hate for the hostees to have a flaker. Also, when you have gone all out & the other person sends you something you have to put in the closet.

    Your card & hanger are to die for, just totally gorgeous.